Entries for July 2020

Strategies for Long-Term Academic Success
Half Step Behind is Better than a Half Step Ahead Every parent wants his or her child to be successful in everything they do, including academics. But are you preparing them for short-term or long-term success? Yes, there is a difference. And all too often the things we do to help our child be su...

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St. Stephen’s Catholic School is Rewarded for its Excellence
St. Stephen’s Catholic School is rewarded for its excellence and receives funds to expand its Early Childhood Program! St. Stephen’s has had a top-notch preschool program since 2009. It has been accredited by NAEYC and has a 4 Star Parent Aware Rating. Thanks to the generous v...

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Tips for Teaching Our Children How to Deal with Life’s Unexpected Events
Help Your Children Deal with Disappointment in a Positive Way We all know that life isn’t perfect, and that we can choose to deal with those disappointments in a positive or negative way. But did you realize that how you choose to react is also determining how your children will react to th...

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