Why St. Stephen's?

Why St. Stephen's?

Catholic Education

First and foremost, St. Stephen’s is a Catholic school committed to teaching and reinforcing the Catholic values. The majority of our families and students are Catholic and we proudly learn and share our faith.

Academic Achievement

Students are held to high standards by our faculty who believe all students can achieve. In addition to our core subjects, each student also participates in Art, Music, Religion, Physical Education and Technology/Media.

Nurturing Environment

St. Stephen’s Catholic School is a safe place for children to learn, to create, and to expand their learning potential. The school itself is locked throughout the school day to control all entry to the school ensuring the safety of the children entrusted to us. Within the classroom, our Catholic values reinforce positive behavior among our students.

Disciples & Discipline

Each of our students is a disciple of Christ. Our Catholic identity guides our positive reinforcement of student efforts and our discipline program. We promote self-discipline and responsibility for our actions and above all respect for others. Our handbook describes our system that is used to promote respect. Our middle school students also model their faith in our Disciples and Friends program, which matches middle school and elementary students together to attend mass and explore their faith.

Dedicated Staff

This year, there are more than 40 school employees dedicated to your child’s spiritual and academic education.  Our well-qualified teachers are supportive of the Catholic identity of the school, the academic program and the values in our school that are so important to us.

Shared Vision

The school and the parents are considered partners dedicated to ensuring a successful educational experience for each student. United, we are able to provide the best possible educational experience for our students. Our students, parents and community grow in their faith, as well as love and respect for God, others, and themselves.

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