Bus Map

St. Stephen’s Catholic School is pleased to provide students living within our attendance area with safe, reliable transportation to and from school each day. If you are in the boundary for one of the following elementary schools, you can receive FREE bus service to St. Stephen’s Catholic School.

Champlin Brooklyn Park Academy
Crooked Lake*
Oxbow Creek
Rum River*

*Contact the Anoka-Hennepin District Office to verify at 763-506-1125.

Options are available for FREE busing for others living within the Anoka-Hennepin District to a daycare  within the St. Stephen’s Catholic School boundaries. Families living outside the Anoka-Hennepin district may obtain busing within the attendance area, but a fee will be assessed by the Anoka-Hennepin School District.

Parent Drop Off and Pick Up

St. Stephen’s cares about the safety of our children

We want to remind our families about the routines for pick up and drop off in the mornings and afternoons.

Before School – Enter on 5th Avenue

St. Stephen’s Catholic School has a traffic pattern that helps us keep students safe and traffic moving. All cars and day care passenger vehicles enter and exit on 5th Avenue. This is a one-way pattern. It is important that you follow this traffic pattern.

Five vehicles are able to pull up to the curb to unload students. Parents pull up to the farthest cone, and stay in the vehicle while students unload. In order to avoid congestion, you may only leave the lot by turning right.

If you would like to park in the parking lot to drop off your child, please feel free to do so in the WEST parking lot. No student, however, is permitted into or out of the parking lot unescorted. Therefore, if you park your vehicle, please escort your child to and from the sidewalk.

Students who are dropped off before 7:25 a.m. on Jackson Street must walk up the alley to the playground. Note, Jackson Street is approved as a Bus Drop Off site, not a Parent Drop Off site.

After School – Enter on 6th Avenue

Enter and park your vehicle in the lot off 6th Avenue. Please wait outside for your child, as parents waiting outside the classroom doors distract our students and their teachers. When the bell rings, the students will be dismissed to the busses or to the sidewalk in the WEST parking lot.

Your child will stay on the sidewalk and in between the safety cones with teachers until you escort your child to the car. Please inform your children not to run out to meet you!


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