Preschool Curriculum

Preschoolers experience creative and spirit-filled learning

The St. Stephen’s Catholic Preschool is where our commitment to Grow in Spirit and Mind begins. Located on Main Street in Anoka, Minnesota, St. Stephen’s Catholic Preschool provides for all areas of a child’s early development: spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical.

Active exploration is encouraged through learning areas and interaction with adults and peers. The difficulty, complexity, and challenge of activities increase as the children develop understanding of concepts and skills.

The program offers a balance of indoor and outdoor activities, restful and active movement activities, and a varied curriculum encompassing faith formation, language arts, reading readiness, art, music, drama, library, computer, physical education, math, science, and social awareness.

Staffing Ratio

There is preschool enrollment limit of no more than 20 children per session.


The preschool year begins in September and continues through May. Children are expected to enroll for the entire school year. The preschool program follows the St. Stephen’s Catholic School calendar for days off.


An up-to-date immunization and medical report will be required by state licensing. Forms will be provided prior to the beginning of the pre-school year.


Transportation to and from pre-school is provided by the parents.

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