Middle School

Middle School Curriculum

Anchoring educational experience with moral development

Our tradition of Catholic education continues in middle school with daily Religion class for grades five to eight. Our Catholic faith anchors the educational experience with moral development that supports the rapid physical and emotional growth naturally underway. What’s more, our students cherish this class and its role in guiding their lives.

Middle school students move classrooms throughout the day while studying math, literature, religion, science, social studies and alternating between art, music,and physical education/health. Many extracurricular activities are also available including choir, Lego robotics and athletics for boys and girls.

The priests from the Church of St. Stephen meet with middle school students throughout the year both in the classroom and during retreats at the church. Catholic morals and values are emphasized throughout the entire day and throughout the general curriculum. Class periods are 45 minutes long and include:

Faith Formation – Archdiocesan Standards

  • Formation (Religion)
  • Prayer & Worship
  • Word & Tradition
  • Sacraments & Liturgies
  • Community Service
  • Evangelization
  • Character Building
  • Catholic Social Teachings

Core Academics – MN State Standards

  • Language Arts
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Speaking
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Geography-Social Studies

Encore Academics – MN State Standards

  • Music (1 trimester)
  • Art (1 trimester)
  • Physical Education/Health (1 trimester)

Advisory Class

The adolescents in our school need at least one person (an advisor), who knows them well.  These students need an advocate, someone who will commit themselves to ensuring a successful school year for each student.

These growing students need individual academic guidance.  Our Middle School teachers are responsible for 110-130 students each day.  Splitting the students among 8 advisors will ensure that no child silently falls behind and fails.  Each advisor will contact parents immediately when a concern arises.

As these students push to be more independent, each advisory group will learn to work together as a team to complete projects, tackle tough ideas and problem solve creative solutions in a group setting.  The advisor will become a trusted guide and confidant.

Communication between teachers, parents, and students in the middle school is a struggle.  One adult in the school responsible for communicating with students and parents will become more manageable and more efficient.

Advisory groups meet each morning for a 1/2 hour class.  Details like attendance, lunch count, and announcements can be taken care of during this advisory time.  Once again, one adult caring for a dozen or so students will be more organized and easier to complete.

Elective Classes

Each student is allowed to choose an elective class (if their prior trimester grades were below "C", they will be required to take Academic Assistance).

Examples of classes offered:

  • Robotics
  • Book Club
  • Advanced Art
  • Advanced Choir
  • Study Hall
  • Team Sports
  • Budgeting and Finance
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