Do students have to be Catholic to attend school?

No. While our students learn and live the values of the Catholic faith, we find students from many faith backgrounds are comfortable in our school. Our admission’s policy admits registered parishioners first.

Can I enroll my child any time?

Students are accepted during formal registration and throughout the school year, subject to space availability. To be considered during the formal registration process and according to the admission criteria, enrollment is opened in February each year.

Do you usually have waiting lists?

Each year is different. To find out current availability, please call us at 763-421-3236.

Can I enroll my Middle Schooler without a Catholic background?

Absolutely. Our Middle School curriculum is appropriate for all students. We find our youth and their families appreciate the focus on moral development offered during daily religion class. In addition, our uniform attire reduces the focus on appearance that escalates at this age.

Do you require students to wear uniforms?

Yes. As a Catholic Faith Community, we believe that no child should be treated differently based on appearance. The goal of the uniform policy at St. Stephen’s School is to identify our student body in the community through respectful representation.

Do you provide after school care?

Yes. St. Stephen’s offers a best after school enrichment (B.A.S.E.) program that provides a safe, nurturing and fun atmosphere for children of families enrolled at St. Stephen School. The B.A.S.E. program also provides full day care throughout the school year on non-school days. B.A.S.E. is closed on holidays.

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