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Mrs Lysdahl

5th Grade Teacher



Mrs Lysdahl

I started teaching at St. Stephen’s School in 1998.  I began as a fifth grade teacher, taught Middle School Literature for many years, and is now back in 5th grade once again. I teach both of the  5th grade's reading and language arts.  I also teach the  6th grade literature class.  Reading is my passion and I love to ignite that desire of reading with my students.   I do this by providing choice in books and reading time.  One way my classes will experience new books is through literature circles.  Besides reading we will spend lots of time writing many different genres.  We start each day with a quick writing lesson, which might include grammar, punctuation or writing prompts, and then move into a reading lesson.  At times we will focus on a writing genre and complete a piece of writing. 


*Be Respectful

*Be Responsible

*Be Kind

*Be Ready to Learn




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