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  • We have small class sizes.

  • We are a safe and secure school.

  • Our curriculum includes additional classes such as: Art, Media, Technology, Physical Education and Music.

  • Before and after school child care with extended hours (6:30am -6:00pm).

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Middle School Classes & Teachers

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Middle School Enrichment

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Enrichment classes are offered twice a year in middle school. These are 8 week classes that meet once a week during Advisory time. Teachers offer classes about things that are above and beyond our normal classroom curriculum, designed to enhance and engage students into an activity that they enjoy, and expose them to something new. These can be life skills, games, activities, volunteer opportunities, etc.

We will explore different art mediums to create unique art for ourselves and for the school. Some things will be seasonal (Christmas and Halloween). Lots of fun creating!

– Mrs. Kocher

Come and learn how to play a variety of card games from solitaire to group games!

Learn a new game every week!  Compete against your middle school friends.

Materials Needed: 1 regular deck of cards

– Ms. Berchem

If you enjoy card games, then you will like this old school card game.  We will have a tournament at the end to see who is the MIDDLE SCHOOL CRIBBAGE CHAMPION!! (If you think you can beat Mr. Osborn)  If you have a cribbage board and deck of cards to bring in that would be great!

– Mr. Osborn

What could be more fun than silently completing crossword puzzles in the library? Students will learn new words to whisper as they quietly solve paper crosswords using non-digital reference tools. It’s the perfect chance to unplug, slowdown, and preview retirement.

Introduction to what show choir is while getting the experience of learning a song and choreography to it.

-Mrs. Douglas

I will need 12-14 students that would like to keep everyone up to date with the local sports teams and our own sports teams the Angels.  Bring your ideas on how you would like to share this to our school.  Even if you do not want to write you could be an editor!!!!

Students will plan a trip to anywhere in the world.  They will document their virtual travels (via a journal) and compile/create photos or videos of their adventures.

-Mrs. Bundy

If you enjoy playing volleyball or just want to learn more about the sport this is the activity for you! We will cover the basic skills of volleyball and work our way up to more challenging techniques. We will play mini tournaments and put our new developed skills to the test. Tennis shoes and gym clothes required.

Dr. Seuss Day

Before and After School Enrichment (childcare)

St. Stephen’s School has a before and after school program available from 6:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.  Click here for more information.

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