New Morning Drop Off Routine


The School Staff and Parent Leaders at St. Stephen’s Catholic School care about the safety of your children. We have been worried about the morning drop off routine and have made some changes to the MORNING Drop Off Routine.  We are concerned about the number of parents and students darting in between vehicles while parents are dropping off, so, we are going to use both parking lots.  The west lot will be the Drop Off Drive Thru and the east lot will be the Park and Drop Lot.

The new Morning Drop Off Drive Thru pattern-7:15-7:40 a.m.

St. Stephen’s Catholic School has redesigned a traffic pattern that helps us keep students’ safe and traffic moving.

Parking is NOT ALLOWED on the west side of the school building.

All vehicles enter and exit at 5th Avenue. This is a one way pattern. It is important that you follow this traffic pattern.  Five vehicles will be able to pull up to the curb to unload students. Parents are required to stay in the car and students must exit the vehicle on the right, and enter the playground or the school building.  Do NOT pass the vehicle in front of you.

In order to avoid congestion, you may only leave the lot by turning right.

A new Morning Park and Drop pattern-7:25-7:40 a.m.

If you would like to park in the parking lot to drop off your child, you must use the parking lot on the East side of the school building.  Park your vehicle and escort your child to the sidewalk and into the building.  Do not park next to the sidewalk; the route is planned so that you won’t be backing your vehicle out of your parking spot.

Drop Off