Parent Aware

4-Star-Rating from Parent Aware

St. Stephen’s Preschool recently received a 4 Star Rating (out of 4) from Parent Aware! Check it out!

Four-Star Rating 

Excel in the use of most of the practices that best prepare children for kindergarten. Do all of the things One, Two and Three-Star programs do, and also:

  • Are committed to school readiness by using best practices in child assessment, and always working toward making instruction more individualized, stimulating and language-rich in order to promote critical thinking.
  • Have education credentials, are committed to ongoing professional development and have volunteered for training in most of the following: key areas of children’s development; cultural and socio-economic differences between families; practices that support inclusion; offering healthy meals; and engaging children in physical activity and active play.
  • Develop strong relationships with families by doing most of the following: sharing assessment results, helping them access family support services, and providing information in parents’ primarily languages.

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